I talked to a friend who recently brought me to reality. My decision to self-publish was not the right decision.

I also need to rethink my approach with writing. I need to figure out how to get a good editor to help me with proofreading. I need to research, when the new book is perfectly finished, how to get a literary agent to help get my work to the largest audience possible.

Lately, I've been depressed and frustrated. But it still leads to my determination. My recent mistakes leads me to refocus myself. I need to find a new plan, where I can best accomplish my goals.

Maybe publishing Hometown U.S.A. was a bit rushed because I was freshly unemployed with a wedding coming up and that I'm now expecting my first child in February 2013. Maybe I was focused on the money that was possible.

Does it mean I've given up on my first book? No. But I'm probably not going to expect much. Maybe I'm lowering my expectations.

In the next few days, weeks, months, I'm going to look towards researching the do's and don'ts. I'm going to contact people who I've worked with before - teachers, authors, acquaintences. I'm hoping someone can give me insight into what to do.

With everything that has happened the past few months, I'm hoping I can find some way to turn life around and get a better restart for this author dream I'm pursuing.

Hoping for the best.
Dean Siemon